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Working with different schools and age groups, I have prepared and presented numerous lesson plans. Below you can find some links to lesson/unit plans I have created and implemented in the classroom. Feel free to use these in your own classroom. After all, I believe that education is a cooperative endeavor where competition and self-promotion should be discouraged.


Unit/Lesson Plans used for High School Students:

World History:

Feudal Era Unit Plan
Colonialism Unit Plan

US History:

US Revolution Lesson Plan (ELL)
Civil War Unit Plan (ELL)

Lesson Plans for undegraduates:

For the mock syllabus below, I stress the connection between history and literature. A good website to visit to view this connection in more detail can be found at Washington State University.

HIS 281 Syllabus (PDF)

Lesson Plans for sixth graders:

Coming Soon...

Camp Colton
Sixth graders learning about the history of
Flagstaff at Hart Pararie.

camp colton
Sixth Graders in a survival class at Camp Colton






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