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Ryan Hightower Wilson, M.A., M.Ed.

Although my passion is Latin America, I have taught US History to ESL students, World History to sophomores and juniors in high school, environmental education to sixth graders, and Problem Based Learning (PBL) to undergraduates at Northern Arizona University. Currently, I am teaching U.S. History, Government, Advanced Computers, and Filmmaking at Ridgway High School in Ridgway, Colorado. I am also an adjunct professor with Mesa State College and I teach college level history to Seniors at Ridgway High School

I believe that the role of social studies education is to create an active citizenry that can conceptualize a better future for the world. After all, the art of teaching social studies is not about teaching dates, times and places, it is about creating an environment where students become politically, culturally, and historically aware of the processes that will influence and shape their lives for years to come.

Personally, I came to the teaching profession later in life. I began my professional career as a creative copywriter for an advertising firm in Denver, CO. I left the profession in 2001 and moved to the tiny Central American country of El Salvador. Working and traveling through Central America gave me an appreciation for the kindness and generosity of Latin Americans. This encouraged me to return to school at Northern Arizona University, where I received an M.A. in History (focusing on Latin America), and an M.Ed. in secondary education.  To learn more about my journey and who I am as a person. Please browse through the links on the left.



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