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TESTIMONIALS for Ryan Wilson
TESTIMONIALS for Robyn Wilson

Ryan possesses a very thorough understanding of past and current issues in Latin America.  Above all, he has a passion to teach and engage directly with any one of a number of cultures in the region.  I have no doubt that he will combine his keen intellect, creative energy, and outstanding interpersonal skills in any undertaking that he pursues.  Ryan Wilson is the dedicated and caring kind of teacher that today’s increasingly interdependent world needs to challenge students to become active, compassionate, and conscientious citizens.  I give him my highest recommendation.

Dr. Susan Deeds
Professor, History
Northern Arizona University
Reference Letter (PDF)

I highly recommend Ryan Wilson as a candidate for a teaching position. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan as his cooperating teacher in the spring of “07”. Mr. Wilson proved to be the best student teacher that I have ever had the opportunity to work with at Coconino High School.

Crystal Ray
History Teacher/ Professional Development Coordinator
Coconino High School
Reference Letter (PDF)

Ryan was a delight to supervise during his student teaching semester.  He has an exceptional knowledge of academic content and can create the connections with real-world issues to make students see the “big picture.”  His lessons were creative, student-centered and standards-based.  He provided opportunities for his students to engage in critical thinking activities in each lesson.  The rapport he established with the students was extremely positive, as he conveyed concern for the well-being and level of learning of each student.  I also observed his implementation of effective behavior management techniques. Ryan was extremely well-organized, but also demonstrated the ability to be flexible to meet the demands of the school environment.  This outstanding young man would be an asset to any staff.

Charlotte Madden
Supervisor of Student Teachers
Department of History
Northern Arizona University

Ryan is an amazing individual. He cares deeply about others and is heavily invested in student success. I believe that his advertising and computer skills will enhance the classroom environment for students and the students' interest in and knowledge of history will flourish. If I was taking a history class, I can't imagine a better teacher than Ryan.

Marge Reveal
Clinical Associate Professor
Program Coordinator
Dental Hygiene Completion Program
Northern Arizona University
Reference Letter (PDF)

"I invited Ryan to teach a group of tutors in a course on Problem Based
Learning in 2007- 2008. These tutors each work with a group of students. This responsibility requires organizational skills as well as
flexibility, as it involves coordination of activities between several courses each of which depend on the somewhat unpredictable direction the students will take. Ryan has cleverly designed learning experiences for the tutors that model the behaviors he hopes they will master in their role. He has also been involved in curriculum development, taking the initiative to design new problems and implement new assessment tools. "

Tricia Moore
Professor, Dental Hygiene
Northern Arizona University
Reference Letter (PDF)

Ryan Wilson is a uniquely talented individual who is an excellent role model for young people. His natural curiosity and passion for teaching and learning can be observed in his dedication and hard work. His brilliant, quick mind and creative approach make him one of the best educators I have had the pleasure to work with.

Denise Muesch Helm
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Dental Hygiene
Northern Arizona Universtiy

In two different contexts I have been acquainted with Robyn Wilson, and
she has been a star in both areas. She is someone I would choose without
hesitation as a colleague or an employee. She would be of special value
working in the areas of Latin American and third world culture.
Professionally she brings a strong and responsible work ethic as well as
intelligence, experience, and competence. In addition she brings the
personal qualities of compassion, congeniality, and approachability. As
her CV shows, she has proven herself both in this country and in Latin
America. No agency or employer will regret hiring Robyn Wilson.

Dr. William Burke
Professor, English
Northern Arizona University

From my own experience of living 10 years in Southern Africa, I know of no one more capable of relating cross-culturally than Robyn. Warm and engaging, she learns from others by valuing their ideas and practices. She has combined her experience working in El Salvador with academic inquiry in order to better understand alternatives from other cultures for sustainable development. In our peace center, she takes the initiative in creating ways to promote peace education, within the curriculum, and across the community. Robyn works to combine education with community development--for all of us.

Dr. Carol B. Thompson
Professor, Political Economy
Member, Peace Center

What makes Robyn Wilson unique is the depth of her knowledge about Latin America's rich history and its complex cultural landscape. She clearly and deeply cares about people and places. I know firsthand of her immense interest and dedication to finding creative alternatives to global issues, as was the case with her thesis on the permaculture projects in El Salvador.

Dr. Cecilia Ojeda
Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature
Chair, Department of Modern Languages
Northern Arizona University

I have long been involved in teaching diverse community groups of all
ages, and find Robyn's enthusiasm, persistence, and consistently insightful
approach to student-centered community education a real breath of fresh and
inspiring air.

Dr. Miguel Vasquez,
Professor, Anthropology
Northern Arizona University











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