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Writings by Ryan Wilson


Writings by Robyn Wilson

Lil Milagro Ramírez:
The Making of a Revolutionary Intellectual
in El Salvador

by Ryan Wilson

....Entire Thesis (113 mb)

Abstract/Table of Contents/Introduction (163 kb)

Chapter One: Constructing a Revolutionary Perspective (158 kb)

Chapter Two: A Middle Class Refuge from Fear (51.85 mb)

Chapter Three: Becoming a Revolutionary Intellectual (23.17 mb)

Chapter Four: Awakening the Revolutionary Struggle Within (38.37 mb)

Conclusion (345 kb)


Permaculture In El Salvador:
An Alternative to Neoliberal Development

by Robyn Wilson

....Entire Thesis (6.8 mb)

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The Soccer War:
The social implications of a 100 hour war in 1969
between El Salvador and Honduras

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Intellectual Precursors of a Guerrilla Culture:
Constructing a Foundation for Insurgency in El Salvador (1979-1982).

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Reconciling cultural relativism and universalism while using
NGO's to further human rights

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