Edward Abby once said, "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." By working in education and the non-profit world, we live by these words. When working on projects, we bring a multiude of skill sets that can make your project successful. We offer expertise in

• Bilingual (Spanish/English) Communication
• Teaching English as a Second Language
• Academic Advising
• Secondary Education
• Archival Research
• Online Learning
• Teacher Training

• Community Development and Organization
• Sustainable Living
• Reforestation
• Permaculture
• Gardening
• Environmental Education
• Wilderness Guiding

Community Development:
• Disaster Relief
• Project Management
• Fund Raising
• Grant Writing
• Volunteer Coordinating
• Women's Rights
• Human Rights

• Website Development
• Graphic Design
• Database Development
• Film and Editing

• Volunteer Recruiting
• Marketing/Advertising
• Direct Mail
• Copywriting
• Event Planning
• International Busuiness and Shipping
• Meeting Facilitation
• Non Profit Management

• Nutrition
• Wilderness First Responder
• CPR/First Aid

If you are interested in hiring us for a project contact us at
ryan@mountainmates.com or robyn@mountainmates.com

Elsie with Chickens
Salvadoran woman (Elsi) practicing sustainable
development with donated chickens.

During Peace Corps, Robyn worked with
composting latrenes like this one.

Cooperatives, like this one in El Salvador, have served
as valuable sources of information and experience
when facilitating community projects.

Permaculture Logo

In the Summer of 2006 we produced, filmed and edited a 10 minute promotional piece for the Instituto Permacultura de El Salvador.

Permaculture in El Salvador (30 Mgs)
a short film by Robyn and Ryan.

For a larger version (60 Mgs) click here.

For a copy of this movie, email Robyn at robyn@mountainmates.com


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