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Robyn Rafting

Robyn Backpacking


7/2007                Grand Canyon River Guide – Arizona River Runners

  • Work as a river guide for 20 passengers on a nine day trip.
  • Responsible for food preparation, safety, entertainment, and cultural and outdoor education.

3/2007        Wilderness First Responder Recertification – Desert Mountain Medicine

  • 20 hour course for certification through 2010.

8/2005                Grand Canyon River Guide – Moki Mac

  • Rowed the baggage boat down the Grand Canyon with my husband. 
  • Guided hikes, prepared food, and maintained customer satisfaction on a fourteen day trip.    

1/2004              Wilderness First Responder Certification – Desert Mountain Medicine

  • Trained in wilderness medicine through an 80 hour course that included academic study, exams, and many realistic scenarios.

2/2003-6/2005                  Backpacking Guide – Grand Canyon – Canyon Dreams

  • Guided several backpacking trips through the Grand Canyon for up to five days. 
  • Responsible for food preparation, water and sanitation, safety, entertainment, and geological and historical education.

12/2002 – 4/2003    Ski Instructor – Williams Ski Area

  • Taught small groups of children and adults beginning downhill ski techniques.

8/2002-9/2002                Advanced Scuba Diving Certification - Utila, Honduras

  • Completed a twelve-dive course in the Caribbean Ocean consisting of night, naturalist, deep, shipwreck, and navigational diving.

11/1999-3/2000       Ski Lift Ticket Scanner - Winter Park, CO

  • Scanned lift tickets, ensured safe loading, and cleared snow.

6/1999-9/1999                  Whitewater Raft Guide, Mad Adventures - Winter Park, CO

    • Responsible for the safety and entertainment of tourists down 13 miles of the Colorado River.

Ongoing Outdoor Activities:
Scuba diving and snorkeling (1986-current) – Hawaii, Caribbean, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, U.S.
Mountain Biking (1998-current)– Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico, Panama
Mountain, Volcano, and Canyon Hiking (1998-current) – Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona,
El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Greece
Whitewater Rafting (1999-current) – Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Honduras, Costa Rica
Transnational Backpacking – Western Europe (1996), Central America and Mexico (2002)





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