Have you ever played in the mud? Before Lake Powell destroyed Glen Canyon, rivers in the Southwest filled with a fine silt that converted clear mountain snow into a carmel colored flow. For eight days, we twisted and turned through the longest, windiest stretch of river in the world. Known as the Goosenecks, this natural phenomenon is a true wonder of the world. Home to the Sinagua Native Americans, this river trip was a privilege to indulge in their ancient land.


So, we moved to Colorado and for our first summer we rented a cabin near the Lizard Head Wilderness outside of Telluride. Here are some pictures of our new home. If you are in the area, be sure to visit!


salt river

In an epic snow year, there is always an opportunity to experience an epic river trip. The Salt River runs outside of Cibeque, AZ to Roosevelt Dam. As one of the last remaining rivers that is not fed by a dam, rafting the Salt means encountering nature at its most authentic.


ski vacation

Having friends and cousins in Telluride and Crested Butte creates an opportunity to turn a ski vacation into a blur of steep cliffs and deep powder. Although there were some harrowing moments, everyone survived to ride another day. Looking back, the highlight of the trip was hiking to the top of Crested Butte and riding down in some world class snow.


san carlos

We began 2008 south of the border in beautiful San Carlos. As the story goes, brother Gare Bare decided that he was tired of lame New Year's eve parties and easily convinced Robyn to plan a trip down to Mexico. As anyone who has been to this lazy gringo town along the Sea of Crotez will tell you, San Carlos is a paradise of tranquility.


family at christmas

What better place to spend Christmas than in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and it's foggy underbelly, Iowa. Between Iowa and Wisconsin, we traveled countless miles and had a great time with family young and old. Although there were many highlights, none were as exhilarating as sledding with Michael and Morgan.



Zion...it is a place of magnificient beauty, harrowing moments, and mo's as far as the eye can see. Celebrating the end of an era, R & R set forth on a journey that took them through this amazing national park. Highlighting the trip was a trek up angel's landing. A trail that followed a ridge line that towered 2000 feet in the air. It was a challenging and rewarding hike.



The first stop in our celebratory travels, Lake Havasu is known as one of the most beautiful spots in the Grand Canyon. Eight years earlier, Robyn visited this place on her first raft trip down the Grand. Now, she takes her beloved husband on a journey that covered 25 miles with 50 pound backpacks to boot.


Robyn on boat

While Ryan was studiously working on his thesis, Robyn traveled back to Wisconsin to play in the warm midwestern sun. She was even able to spend a week taking care of her niece and nephew (Michael and Morgan) as they galavanted around Wisconsin playing in lakes, parks, and every thing you can imagine.


lake powell

After many years apart, friends from all over the country met at Lake Powell for a pirate trip on a 30 foot houseboat. Chibs, Gare Bare, Rish, Rob, Ambassador, Lucia, Salvador, Jimmy, Brown Town, and Coledad joined R&R for a vaction noone will soon forget. Three months later, our friend daddyo was married in New Mexico. Cheers!



Coming home from the big game, we decided to visit the infamous Death Valley. Yet, before arriving in this ominously named destination, we stayed a night in Red Rock Canyon, which turns out to be another gem the desrt has to offer. Created by the eroding powers of water this desert oasis was home to a plethora of wildlife making us feel like we were truly living with the wild. This experience became a theme for our travels as we were ultimately visited by coyotes a pack of coyotes howling at the moon in Death Valley and rumaging through our food. Despite this mishap, as you will see in the pictures that follow the desert truly reveals a breathtaking landscape.

Pictures ......Panoramic Pictures (Best way to see Death Valley)


Without bragging (which is hard to do when you get the opportunity to witness the single best game in college football history with the best player in history winning the national championship in the last seconds in the very endzone you are sitting in) we went to the Rose Bowl. Thank yous are definetly due to the parents, as for without them, we would have stayed at home watching the Texas Longhorns finally claim greatness after 33 years of mediorcity.


gc In August 2005, Ryan and Robyn rafted their own boat down the grand canyon. Although more pictures will be up later, you can view some of our rafting companions' pages here.

July 2005, Robyn and Ryan finally get on the river. Known as the San Juan, this beautiful little river begins in Colorado and meanders through New Mexico and Utah until it dumps into Lake Powell.



May 2005, four souls search for peace in the grand canyon as they climbed, scratched and sweated over 35 miles and 120 degree temperatures.
Warning, some pictures display graphic detail of Robyn's blisters.

Pictures................Movie (Hermit Rapid)....Movie (Hermit Creek).....Movie (Pano)


You never know what will happen on any given weekend. This weekend, Robyn's friend Tina called us up and asked if we wanted to go to Blue Ridge Reservoir. Ironically, she did not know that we had just bought our cataraft now known as Ripple. See for yourself what a spontaneous trip on the Colorado Plateau looks like.



On a recent trip to Prescott, we stopped by Monteczuma's Castle. Built by the Sinagua natives of this area, some people believe the great Aztec emperor Monteczuma visited these ruins in the 16th Century.



The North Rim. People see it as the ultimate backpacking adventure in the Grand Canyon. So naturally, we had to discover what all the fuss was about. Like all of our trips, we had a newbie join us, although this particular rookie hiked like a man on a mission as we traversed over, around and through some of the canyon's most spectacular sights. On the way we saw Thunder River, Tapeats creek, Surprise Valley, the Esplanade and of course the Mighty Colorado. Although we all survived, it was a grueling and long hike that our bodies were happy to be done with.

Pictures.......Movie (Thunder River)




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